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Tesla's Revenge

Book one in the Argon Adventures series
by Renee Sebastian  US United States

September 14, 2014   |    1,265 reads    |   0 comments

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Tesla's Revenge - Book CoverBook one in the Argon Adventures series. So you think you know Wendy Darling, the innocent little girl abducted by Peter Pan in the Neverland series? Think again. This is the year 2232 where the bleak Republic of America is governed by President Patton Edison, due to his birthright rather than any fair election, and Wendy is immortal, thanks to Peter's magically imbued elixir.

Reluctantly partnered with a Mr. Grey, a Hemomage, they investigate a zombie outbreak in Westington. The outbreak coincides with a shaker that almost leveled the city. More perplexing is the suitcase found in the area.

Within it is an alternate current apparatus, and since this polluted world thrives on the coal and steam of Thomas Edison's direct current monopoly, who does the suitcase belong to and what does it do? Working together, they uncover a devious government conspiracy to use positrons that are emitted by a shaker machine to create a portal into a parallel plane. With the help of Nikola Tesla they set out to save the Republic from the certain doom that was personally crafted by President Edison.

About The Author

Renee Sebastian has taught art to elementary aged children for almost twenty years when she decided she wanted to create the Argon Adventures universe. In her series she thoroughly enjoys meshing genres that she has enjoyed reading for years, including science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and romance. Besides world building, she loves writing developing her characters and writing on the human condition, which transcends all genres. Her inspiration writers are H. G. Wells and Philip K. Dick. While she has no plans of leaving the classroom, she writes every single day, because books don't... more

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