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The Best Miracle

Show Your Children The Miracles Of The World The Fun Way
Book by Markovka

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December 15, 2018  |  1,047 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Best Miracle - Book coverYoung children love to explore and learn more about the world around. They live with awe and wonder in their heart which is why taking early steps to get them interested in learning about themselves and the world around them can go a long way!
Let Kids Learn & Have Fun!
This educational book for kids is filled with the amazing miracles of the world all around us to let your children see the world like a bird in the sky to learn more about it while having fun.

This picture book for children is filled with carefully designed illustrations that have been specifically selected to inspire the feelings of awe and wonder in children. This educational picture book for kids keeps them interested in learning about all the miracles of the world.

This toddler learning book of animals, birds, and miracles of the world will help your child learn more about the world that surrounds them in a simple, fun and engaging way. It’s perfect for parents that want to teach their children about different kinds of plants, insects, fruits, animals, and so much more while making sure they stay immersed gazing at the gorgeous illustrations.

The Books Is Perfect For Your Kids if You Want To:
Get their kids a gift that’s both educational and fun!
Encourage your children to use their imagination and creativity
Help your children learn about the miracles of the world the fun way
Bond with your kids while helping them learn
Share magical moments together as you read through the book
Develop an understanding about different kind of animals and foods
Teach them about forests, gardens, changing seasons and so much more!

About Markovka

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Markovka is a Russian-based surface designer who creates unique ornaments, detailed floral designs, and various other nature-inspired illustrations. Her patterns are dreamy and full of tangled lines and fantasy plants. Markovka has a passion for nature and color that distinguishes her work. For more work please visit or follow on Instagram @lubovmarkov for more behind...

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