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The Broken World II, Starsword

by TC Southwell  ZA South Africa

January 23, 2013   |    1,679 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Broken World II, Starsword (book) by TC SouthwellAt war with the land itself, men have survived by paving their streets and surrounding their cities with dried Earthblood. They have thus enraged the souls, and only the chosen are safe under Chanter’s protection. The Black Riders continue their deadly march across the land, killing all Truemen they come across. Talsy and Kieran travel with Chanter in search of more chosen, who are trapped in the cities’ safety.

The Truemen strive to avoid their fate, and a mad prince has inherited a pebble that contains the power to break the world. The prince sends men to seize Talsy under the assumption that it will force the Mujar to protect him. Chanter does the unthinkable to save her… He creates a forbidden Mujar weapon and gives it to Kieran, the only warrior amongst the chosen. The Starsword holds the Powers of Fire and Earth, and, as impossible as it may be, should it fall into the wrong hands, it could be used to break the Staff of Law.



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