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The Bully Barn

A Lesson For Bullies, Bystanders and Victims

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March 14, 2015  |  1,957 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Bully Barn by Robert Gioia. A Lesson For Bullies, Bystanders and Victims. Book coverThe Bully Barn is a story about a barn mouse named Marty who is bullied incessantly by numerous animals on a farm. This book teaches children and their parents about the various types of bullying, coping skills, and the important role of bystanders (part of the solution or part of the problem). The Bully Barn delivers that message in a manner children can both understand and relate to in an entertaining fashion. In doing so children will not only understand bullying behavior but will also have the courage to affect change while increasing awareness for victims, bystanders, and even the bullies themselves.

The most important message is the negative effect of bystanders and the fact that any one "person" can indeed make a difference. It is not your typical children's book as it was developed to assist parents and educators in teaching children about bullying. It also contains numerous discussion questions that will assist with comprehension and invoke thought. Additional information relating bullying is also included. It is truly an entertaining and educational story/resource for both children and adults alike.

About Robert Gioia

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I have been a police officer in the province of Ontario for over 25 years and spent several years as a school liaison officer addressing criminal complaints and specializing in presenting to youths on many topics. I have created numerous presentations for the V.I.P. (Values, Influences and Peers) program which reflect the moral dilemmas and dangers faced by our youth today. These include...

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