The Distant Glimmer

Do you like Fantasy and Fiction? "The Distant Glimmer" A Mythological, Magical, Fantasy Novella, A journey into space that will test the true meaning of Friendship and Bravery! On June 6th 1962, within the boundaries of a small and secretive British scientific research facility, an ageing scientist by the name of Professor Quinn Lockley happened upon a new planet during his daily exploration of the universe as part of his duties for the British Government, to his surprise the planet seemed to be almost identical to planet earth, when it was viewed more closely and researched in depth with what technology was available the team of scientists found that the planet had water occupying its surface, and an atmosphere was visible similar to earths that could contain breathable oxygen, its only difference was that it looked like a bright Sirius star when viewed from afar, and did not look typical of a planet. Finding the planet resulted in more than endless days of research and expanding the catalogue of information that the British had on the universe that surrounds our planet, it ensued in the prime minister of the United Kingdom strangely giving professor Lockley and his fellow professors and Doctors a mission, a mission into space to journey into the unknown universe and into the vast open endless entity of space in order to find their course to the new planet, to supposedly collect information regarding it and bring it back home for the British government to profit from.
But, what lies in wait for their arrival? Who or what is this new planet home to? And is the mission all it seems?, Be prepared for many twists and turns, and remember not everything is as it is initially thought to be... There will be mythological creatures from Centaurs to Cyclopes, there will be a true battle of Good vs Evil, and most of all, friendship, loyalty and family, will truly be put to the test in this story of survival and a quest of bravery. Questions will need to be asked, but will they all be answered? What surprises does "The Distant Glimmer" have in store for our unsuspecting scientists in this mythological fantasy novella filled with magic, myths and a voyage into the unknown depths of space? Warning: Reading this book will cause you to lose yourself in its pages and will cause you to become encapsulated in your own thought processes and imagination and the words which have been written will come to life and play out in your mind, causing it to become an unforgettable story of bravery, friendship and a passion for all that you hold dearest to you, and a story that you will want others to know about for years to come.

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Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

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ISBN: 9781495221798


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