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The Evil Mailbox and the Super Burrito

by Garry Wagner-Robertson  US United States

September 30, 2011   |    1,537 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Evil Mailbox and the Super BurritoFollow the zany adventures of a seemingly normal and harmless mailbox brought to life by a scientist and see what happens when a boring menu item takes on a life of its own. What would you do if your favorite snack started levitating? Find out in this riveting tale of danger, excitement, friendship, and a furry mailbox. The Evil Mailbox and the Super Burrito brings to life that classic American dinner table staple, meatloaf, and the imaginative creatures that live in junkyards and forests to join the Evil Mailbox and his friends, Bob and Schmuzzy, in a twisted tale of hunger, adventure, and the search for the Super Burrito. Grades 2-5.

About the Author

11 years old, residing currently in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Create puppets and stories, and is an aspiring musician with several songs written. Currently going to school and looking forward to doing whatever my imagination can come up with in the future.

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