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Book by John Stone

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July 27, 2011  |  1,915 views  |  0 reviews / comments

THE EYE OF THE DRAGONLong ago on a long forgotten land known as Canazar, a great war between the dragons and the humans raged on in the burning sands of the desert, until the leader of the dragons was captured and trapped with in a mystical item known as The Eye.
Now several millennia later a young boy by the name of Markus must find The Eye, for you see his friend Bulpazard a powerful wizard’s very life is bound to the fate of The Eye, as the dragon within grows in power and begins to awaken, Bulpazard’s power and life begin to diminish.
Will Markus find it in time? Or will the forces of darkness take it and unleash the power for there own purposes?



About John Stone

GB United Kingdom

Merry met all; this is just a few lines to tell you about myself.First off I would like to thank you for buying my book; I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.I began writing stories when I was about seven, my mum would get me to write, first of all she would come up with a title and I would write the story to it and in a way she inspired me to write.My love of writing...

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