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The Gen2K Omnibus

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by Angela Armstrong  NZ New Zealand

August 15, 2018   |    1,020 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Gen2K Omnibus - Book coverEveryone's days are numbered in a fertility crisis.  How will you spend yours?

You've heard of Millennials and Generation Y, it's time you met Gen2K. Also known as: The last 2000 alive. Most Gen2Ks are busy exploring Republic-sanctioned Matches in a last bid to save the human race. A few opt to operate on the fringe -- away from the buzzkill that is the fertility crisis. That is, until fate has other ideas.

Three social pariahs: Tama, Bex and Geronimo.  Three stories.

Author's Note: 

Award-winning author Rachael Craw said of the first story in the omnibus: "The matter of The Quin is heart-rending, page-turning business."

These three stories introduce readers to Feichangbei -- the last clean city -- also the setting for my online serial.

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