The Last Days of Planet Earth

The Last Days of Planet Earth Volume I by L J Hick - Book cover.
Volume I
L J Hick

24 September, 2015

The Last Days of Planet Earth Volume I (Gods and Monsters) is a science fiction/fantasy novel that jumps between the present day and historical events. The book mixes reality with myth and folklore and also incorporates both present day and ancient religions. Although it addresses serious issues in the world, it keeps a sense of humour flowing in the narrative and lets the reader decide which characters are bad and which are good. The original intention was to tell the tale across three books, but this has since expanded into a series of six books. The first book introduces some of the main characters and depicts the events that lead the FBI to take a very concerned interest in the activities of Adam Blake. Blake has a secret that even his long-time friend, Victor Luzny, does not know. The bizarre and diverse characters of Last Days are competing against each other to make sure that they will be the ones to profit at The Last Days of Planet Earth.

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