The Last Narkoy

The Last Narkoy by Elizabeth Price - Book cover.
Elizabeth Price

18 November, 2015

The Narkoy city of Gathow is hidden miles beneath the surface of the planet of Matrador, where it has remained abandoned for five-hundred years -- And the Marisheio Empire wants it. Only two people can open the gates of Gathow, the Narkoy’s leader, Chadon Sortec and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Sedom. A genetically altered virus ravages through the cities of Matrador, destroying every Narkoy in its path. Only Sedom is left alive to handle the burden of keeping Gathow safe. She finds herself the object of a massive manhunt which can only end in one thing if she’s caught– the deaths of tens of billions of people. The Marisheio desire nothing except complete domination over the galaxy, and they will stop at nothing to possess Gathow and its trove of superior weaponry. Only with the Narkoy’s weapons can they complete their goal. Sedom flees to the forest where both predators and Marisheio roam freely. Within the forest, she learns to hunt and defend herself, all the while she discovers the mystery of why her people abandoned the city of Gathow and why she must reopen it once again.

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy


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