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The Last Ocean Ninja

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by Mendim Avdyli  AL Albania

August 7, 2017   |    966 reads    |   0 comments

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The Last Ocean Ninja - Book coverWhen the world's green spaces are in trouble, Maj will be the one saving the day and turning everything green again. The story is about a female ninja with a turtle fried that protect the nature and the environment from an evil guy that wants to turn everything to concrete. The fight is interesting and it has interesting plot twists along the story. This book comes at a time where some people are doing their best to preserve and protect the world as we know it and it's a great lesson and value to give to your children. The adventures of Maj will not stop here!

Author's Note: 

The story is about a female ninja that is trying to save Flowers and Trees from disappearing. I wrote this book (and planning to write similar in the future) to influence good behavior on children worldwide like protecting green spaces, avoiding junk food (draft book - coming soon) etc.

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