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The Last Woman In Weary Creek

Book by Baird Wells

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April 28, 2017  |  1,743 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Last Woman In Weary Creek - Book cover‘Welcome, everyone, to Weaverville’

The sign doesn’t include Alice Paget, at least not in the opinion of Weaverville’s citizens – certainly not in the opinion of their sheriff.

Alice, notorious in two countries for her antics, is trouble the likes of which Weaverville can’t imagine. She absconds from Manhattan with the deed to her father’s California claim, a plan, and a pistol.

Sheriff Henry ‘Dodge’ McKenna, settled in Weaverville in the aftermath of Tombstone, is vendetta-weary. With his deputy and his trusty Colt revolvers, peace reigns in his corner of Trinity County.

At least, it did.

Between claim jumpers, crime barons, the Temperance League, and a hound-dog detective, Dodge and Alice face off at ten paces time and time again.

Trouble, real trouble lies ahead, however, and they’ll have to partner up if they want see sunrise.

Baird Wells' newest adventure blazes an engaging, all-in trail across the plains, to the West’s Wickedest Town: Dodge City.

Author's Notes

To My Partners in Adventure,
This book is dangerous.
Beautiful and lively, but so dangerous.
When I started 'Weary Creek', I lived three-thousand miles away from where I finished it. Each night I went in for my twelve hour shift at the fire department, wrote furiously on my days off, and stared off to the horizon, wondering what was out there. Somewhere, right about the middle of the second draft, I got tired of wondering. With everything that would fit in a 5x8 U-haul trailer and my mostly-trustworthy Expedition, I hit the Alaska Highway. I tried to head east; I wandered south. Why? I was always going to wind up in the West. My heart is wild, and I've tried to domesticate it; tried and failed.
Alice is a bad influence, in the best way, but her story is dangerous. You could catch wanderlust. One day you might just get up and go.
Now you know my cautionary tale. You've been a faithful partner so far, and since you're still here, I assume you're ready to get started.

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Baird Wells is the author of the Hundred Days series, as well as stand-alone novels 'The Glass Apple', and ‘An Unspeakable Anguish’. Her award-likely books have sold tens of copies in several places. Growing up in beautiful, historic Virginia, Baird fell in love with the past. She longs for a day when she can return, when Virginia no longer prohibits her from crossing its state lines. Baird...

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