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The Man Who Never Was

by Olga Núñez Miret  GB United Kingdom

March 15, 2013   |    1,239 reads    |   0 comments

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The Man Who Never Was (book image did not load)'The Man Who Never Was' is humorous take on family sagas and political intrigue, populated with unforgettable characters and extraordinary events.
The protagonist, Jesús, is ugly. Extraordinarily ugly. He is so ugly that his friends and relatives are convinced that behind that ugliness there must be something else. A malefic power or possibly a momentous fate. The truth is that fairly special things happen wherever Jesús is. His biological father is a mystery. He only manages to discover that he seems to have fathered quite a few other extremely ugly boys like him during his career. His sister (half-sister) is a child-prodigy who excels at everything she does (writing, career in foreign relations, acting…), his mother becomes the president of the country, his own bank is successful, his best-friend Vero is a computer tycoon, his brother-in-law also makes it in politics...But for all the success and money around him he still feels unsettled. He tries sports, banking, cinema but nothing provides the answers he wants. Who was his father? This is a family saga where everything goes: from politics to retirement homes, from sport to cinema, from adultery to incest but nothing is taken too seriously.
This is one of a kind book, a true original that defies easy definition or categorisation. It is a unique read, that will make you laugh, touch you, and will have you engaged and guessing. And let's not forget the mystery at its heart.
If the characters of 'The Simpsons' walked into the set of ‘The West Wing’ their adventures would be right at home in this novel. With its mixture of Magic Realism and Political Satire this is a novel you won't easily forget.
Dare to break conventions! Read outside of the box! You won't regret.


About The Author

Olga Núñez Miret is from Barcelona but has lived in the UK for over 20 years.
She is a doctor and her day job is as a Forensic Psychiatrist (not exactly like the profilers in the movies, or anything to do with CSI either), but she has also completed a degree in American Literature at the University of Sussex (including a year abroad at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts) and a a PhD on the Films of David Mamet. She was also teaching assistant whilst completing the PhD, mostly on Film courses.
Always a learner, she has recently finished a Distance Learning MSc on Criminology... more

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