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The Not-So-Great Zoo Swap Shop

Book by Cora Lydon

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March 6, 2020  |  1,008 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Not-So-Great Zoo Swap Shop - Book coverRoll Up, Roll Up! The Great Swap Shop has arrived... but what will the animals wish for?

When Tiger announces the swap shop has arrived the animals quickly rush to have their wishes granted. However, they soon find out that what they desire comes with hilarious consequences. Will Zebra ever get his stripes back? Will the porcupine ever feel her feet back on the ground? And can Warthog convince the animals that not every wish needs to come true? Join us on this magical adventure and find out. The Not-So-Great Zoo Swap Shop is a charming rhyming picture book for all ages teaching acceptance for one's self and that everyone is perfect in their own way.

About Cora Lydon

GB United Kingdom

Cora Lydon is a freelance journalist and all-round pen-to-hire with a penchant for making up silly stories to keep her children amused. Fortunately Cora's writing skills have improved since her debut book - the little girl and the dog - written and illustrated by a 6-year-old Cora.

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