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The Obvious

by J. Cassidy  GB United Kingdom

September 7, 2016   |    960 reads    |   0 comments

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The Obvious (book) by J. CassidyWith the death of her father and the return of her absent mother, Sammy turns to her friends for support only to be caught in their deceit. Faced with a dilemma, she must stay quiet in a lie or speak out and keep from ruining the life of what might be an innocent man – and lose her friends in the process.

The only person she can rely on is Kev but it becomes apparent he wants more then she does.

Friendships can be fleeting, family can't be chosen and the choices she makes will stay with her until the day she dies.

About The Author

I’m J. Cassidy and I used to be an oak tree growing in a park in England. I still like to be decorated once a year.

Pink, sparkly fluffles and rainbows make everything better.

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