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The Quest of the Golden Apple

by Geoffrey Angapa  ZA South Africa

August 4, 2017   |    776 reads    |   0 comments

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The Quest of the Golden Apple - Book cover"The Quest of the Golden Apple is something of a fairy tale and has a fair share of wonders."

"That's all right, lad, but I think it could be improved a little. Let me see, let me see. The tale isn't exactly a fairy tale, though it is in some ways. I'm not quite sure myself. Maybe a traditional fantasy?"

"Why traditional fantasy? What's that?"

"This tale's more like the books that precede modern fantasy, which is rather different on the whole. Our tale isn't quite like that."

"Now you've got me confused, Dragon. Fairy tale, or traditional fantasy? Let me just add both to our synopsis. Still, it's not really a synopsis, since we don't want to give away the entire story. Well, enough about that. Here it is: The Quest of the Golden Apple is something of a fairy tale or a traditional fantasy. Having a fair share of wonders and a fair bit of travel, it follows the adventure of Geoffrey and the Dragon."

"That's an improvement, lad. Not the best, but a good description."

About The Author

Geoffrey Angapa was born in Durban, South Africa, in 1987. He grew up in Chatsworth and then North Beach. He finished high school in 2004; and graduated with a B.Sc. degree from Unisa in 2010. Geoffrey likes computer programming a lot, and C++ is the language that he programs in. He knows a slight bit (that is, not much) about literature, and likes physics too.

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