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The Railas Verdict

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by Paul J. Joseph  US United States

August 10, 2019   |    497 reads    |   0 comments

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The Railas Verdict - Book coverEverything in New Braintree was efficient, comfortable, and convenient, but tightly controlled by PACE, a technology provider with dark ambitions of global dominance.  And their proposed justice robot, MAX, is more of a politician than a judge, and lacks even simulated ethics.

Railas, now fully operational, is the only alternative.  He cannot be intimidated or bribed, and he was created to work against tyranny.  His team has high hopes to restore justice and defeat PACE.  

But while Railas and his team investigate MAX and his motives, he finds something worse.  His mysterious creator, who vanished from her office on the space elevator, makes a surprise appearance in VR.  And her digital essence, coupled with something far away, may represent an unimaginable threat.

About The Author

Paul J. Joseph is the author of The Turing Files, a series of science fiction books featuring robotics and artificial intelligence. Joseph has been writing science fiction for over twenty years and has demonstrated skills in self-publishing, including formatting, design, and multi-media production. He enjoys studying science and technology, and his hobbies include VR production, 3D printing, and drone flying. Joseph has also produced independent films, one of which won an award at the Ava Gartner Film Festival in 2010. A North Carolina resident with his wife, son, mother in law, and... more

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