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Book by V.T. Stowe

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January 8, 2016  |  1,852 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Sentence (book) by V.T. StoweJake and Zoe watched their mother's hair go stark white in an hour, her face collapse into wrinkles in the space of an afternoon. She’s a victim of the Sentence, an early aging disease that claims every human life. Now they're alone on the farm where their parents tried to protect them from the Search.

But they wonder. Could they have what it takes to win?

Jake is a born athlete, and he thinks he can win a life for him and for Zoe, a life where they can be together and safe.

Zoe has always known she wants to save the world, and she thinks her research will lead to a win in her fight against death itself, the death that destroyed their family. She’ll do anything it takes to make it happen.

Join Jake and Zoe in this new dystopian adventure as they decide to go against everything their parents wanted for them, to enter the Search in a quest to defeat the Sentence.

About V.T. Stowe

JM Jamaica

V. T. Stowe, a lover of books, lives somewhere in central Dystopiana. As a child, Stowe was enchanted by books from Narnia to Upton Sinclair, Anne of Green Gables to Arthur Miller, and the enchantment has never worn off. Stowe loves to write but can only do so with chocolate at hand to keep the dementors at bay. Stowe is the author of the Bodies and Brights Series.

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