The Side Job

A desperate mother's solution to saving her daughter
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August 19, 2019

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The Side Job - Book coverAt 17, unmarried, unskilled, and pregnant, Maggie Gomez is abandoned by her boyfriend and evicted from her home by her parents. For five years, she leads a hardscrabble life on the underside of a Las Vegas ghetto, working at menial, minimum-wage jobs, to support herself and her asthmatic daughter. As her daughter's health declines, Maggie's need for money turns from needy to desperate. Either 5-year-old April gets an expensive operation, or she dies.

When she takes a new and dangerous profession; as a hitman for a local mobster,  Maggie's life becomes a soap opera of mixed emotions and dangerous ties. Things come to a head when she discovers that her detective lover is investigating her loan-shark boss…who, has put out a contract on her.

With the help of one of Frankie D's thugs, all of Maggie's unsavory connections to the Las Vegas underworld are violently canceled. She and Shawn and April survive ‘what happens in Vegas…' and remain in Las Vegas, together.

Author's Note: 

The Side Job is my first novella (110 pages). It features a mother's unlimited love for her child, and her rise from victim to predator.

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The Side Job - Book cover