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The Soap Bubble Frog

by Brandi Lawson  US United States

August 24, 2012   |    1,262 reads    |   0 comments

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The Soap Bubble FrogIf there are bubbles around, Maria and her new fun-loving frog will find them! In the beautifully illustrated children’s story The Soap Bubble Frog, Maria gets a pet frog at a pet shop in New York City. The little girl learns that her new frog has a fascination with bubbles as well as a unique gift of being able to count! Their mutual love for bubbles and adventure leads them to a shared friendship of exploration and discovery.
The two end up at a car wash, in the laundry room and bathtub, and several other fun places loaded with bubbles. All the time, Maria’s frog is counting the bubbles around them. Maria’s humorous frog can also show children the differences between colors in a most unique way. Join in all the bubbly excitement when you read The Soap Bubble Frog.

About the Illustrator
Richa Kinra is an internationally published illustrator of several children’s books, adult fiction books and spiritual poems.

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