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The Spiders

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December 20, 2012  |  1,040 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Spiders (book) by Richard SoloynaOmen Factory has lived a pretty dull life in the small port town of Salt, more than six thousand leagues north of the civilized world. His life consists of the routinely schedule of maintaining the family diner, collecting and containing bothersome shuffling corpses, and waiting for the End to come. His life's dream is to explore the world, travel far and wide, and explore the places his parents once called home. However, he has no idea all of his dreams may just come true one fateful day, heralded by the arrival of a strange sad foreigner, bent on retrieving his missing wife in the midst of trying times. All hope seems lost for this stranger, as the End is coming, proven by the reddish glow in the sky, but Omen will never let the man give up, not when he offers passage to the greater world, intrigue and adventure!

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