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The Summoning of the Three

by Robin Charles Evans  GB United Kingdom

March 27, 2011   |    1,057 reads    |   0 comments

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The Summoning of the ThreeTHE SUMMONING OF THE THREE ... a fantasy tale for teens and adults Lily, a teenage girl, is sailing. An unexpected storm leaves the boat sinking, and she loses consciousness. She awakes in a strange land called Karisia, where she is the Queen. She finds an ally in Aaron James, a US student who arrived there after blacking out following a collision in an American football game. They suspect that they were both 'summoned' in error, as neither feels capable of their task. Lily learns that when Karisia is in danger the Elder Lords can summon three people to help – the Warrior, the Queen, and the Magician. Their danger is from the invading Veosians. Aaron's military plans all go badly wrong, with the enemy seeming to anticipate his moves. The rather quirky Lord Queld tells them that he thinks they are being betrayed ...

"The Summoning of the Three" is now available in paperback and as a KINDLE edition from amazon, and as an e-book from ISBN 978-1-4466-5656-3

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