The Tale of Euan Redcap

The Tale of Euan Redcap (book) by David Turnbull

2 March, 2012

I’ve been working for some time on a more adult orientated fantasy called The Stoorworm that is becoming quite epic and could take over my life if I let it. It was inspired in part by the sea serpent old Scottish folk tale Assispattle and the Stoorworm, but features a Celtic Fascist Regime and has a strong anti- war message. I’ve put 8 chapters of The Stoorworm up on the HarperCollins Authonomy Website and I’ve had a few encouraging comments so far.

I’ve also written about three quarters of a follow up to The Tale of Euan Redcap. At the end of the first book Euan believes he is on his way back home to the Low counties – but will he ever get there?

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Genre: Fiction > Children


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