The Tarot Cards: Major Arcana

The Tarot Cards: Major Arcana by Christina Maharaj - Book cover.

4 August, 2015

Gaia, a world unknown to Earth, is in peril. It's been absorbed by the Tarot cards.

The power of the cards must be contained.

Only the chosen one can save them.

Clara Marsters, a high school girl from Ontario, was chosen. Teleported to Gaia, Clara meets Alex, the talking tiger, who has taken it upon himself to assist her. To contain the cards, Clara must brave the trials of the cards, solving puzzles and facing both physical and mental trials.

The quest is dangerous. But failure is not an option for her, or the planet she has to save.

Will Clara be able to capture the cards and get home, or will she fail and be stuck there?

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy


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