The Wizard Greenwie

who gave Mio the beauty
Book by Liza Lucky

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March 28, 2017  |  1,322 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Wizard Greenwie, who gave Mio the beauty - Book coverThis book about little girl Mio who doesn't like to wash her face, comb her hair and clean her clothes. That is why everybody saw her like a messy girl and she hates herself as well. But the nice and kind forest creature called Greenwie who lives in Mio's room, want to help her to get beauty. Greenwie had prepared different magic things from the forest flowers to make her pretty. When Mio awoke and realized that she is just a beautiful girl she became neat, brush her teeth and comb her hair. Everybody love her she loves herself.

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Lisa loves different stories. When she was a child, she could spend hours listening to the different fairy tales that her mom read her. After a while, Lisa started to invent own stories, and her mom wrote them down. Children have an extraordinary imagination, which allows them to compensate for the lack of knowledge until they can fill these gaps. Only a child can be so sincere, spontaneous...

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