The World I Know

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by Dale Britton US United States
May 18, 2018

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The World I Know - Book coverThey say that when you go through high school your world begins to change, but Leo didn’t think it would be quite so literal. It starts rather innocently when he notices a missing branch on the tree in his yard, but soon he starts to notice other things: missing posters on the walls, his locker combination changing constantly, strangers walking the halls of his school, and more and more. At first, he suspects that the changes are designed to improve his life, until he suffers a loss so terrible that he’ll do anything to set things right. Can Leo find his way back to his normal life? Or will his existence continue to spiral out of control, leading him to an inevitable confrontation with the beast at the end of the line? Because there is an enemy waiting for him, and if Leo can’t stop it he’ll have to face a fate worse than death.

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Young Adult Science Fiction

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