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This Is How A Heart Breaks

by Deborah Dearth  US United States

August 15, 2017   |    650 reads    |   0 comments

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This Is How A Heart Breaks - Book coverMontgomery Lawrence and his wife Kathryn had enjoyed a whirlwind courtship and marriage, which many had nicknamed "The Prince and the Commoner".  But now the one-time Hollywood icon and successful businessman is dead, and those closest to him are left to mourn him in shock.

His friends and family gather at his wake and remember him. They know that Monte’s public face and private one were not the same. His fondness for Scotch had all but destroyed his 20-year marriage to Kathryn and he had become mean-tempered and verbally abusive, although never violent.

Only Kathryn’s faith in God and that fact she felt she had to honor the marriage vows in both good and bad times had helped her to find her strength and change things for the better.
But what now? How will their son, Grayson, deal with his loss? Will he adapt his father´s habits? And there is Monte´s best friend, Russ, who harbors a secret, and K´s confidante, Anna, who is on to him.

About The Author

Deborah Dearth has had a passion for writing as long as she can remember. While not a career author yet, she greatly enjoys spending any free time with pen to paper, especially after becoming an empty nester.

She was born and raised in Ohio, where she met and married her husband of over thirty-five years. They had a whirlwind of a courtship by meeting, dating and marrying in nine short months. It is a true to life love story that has given Deborah a passion for writing such novels.

While she has held jobs in various fields, such as, education, medical and accounting, her... more

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