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Three's a Crowd

A Woodbeach Romance
by Tilly Muir  TH Thailand

May 5, 2014   |    978 reads    |   0 comments

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Three's a Crowd (book cover)If you love Fun Romance Novellas you will enjoy "Three's a Crowd"
Natalie & Ben's first two encounters do not bode well for any type of relationship to develop, It is definitely not love at first sight.
Natalie Matthews is not happy with her life, her on off relationship with Jake is definitely off, and her job does not excite her.  She knows if she works hard and earns enough money she can change everything round and follow her dream of making a difference.
Ben Hawkins desperately wants to make use of his Law degree, but working two jobs and having to look after his younger brother Don is not giving him enough time to pass his Bar exam. Don takes up so much of his time, but he was responsible for Don’s problems and he will not let him down. 
Natalie and Ben both live in the picturesque coastal town of Woodbeach and first meet when Ben’s brother Don breaks into Natalie’s house.

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