Adventure. Don't overthink it.

Thundrhed is rash, not stupid. Uneducated, yes, impulsive, obstinate and maybe a little bit mad, but how much trouble can a barbarian with a big sword really get into given an eye for mischief, a short attention span and an unwelcome interest in other peoples' guarded treasures? 
In another age he would have been a rock star armed with an axe instead of a sword, still shirtless and in the same leather pants. Trouble either way. And appropriate scandals will no doubt follow his one-man assault on the Forbidden Temple, aided by useless magic and a stuffed mongoose.
Buy a ticket for Thundrhed's world tour as he battles his way through villains, monsters, hangovers and the consequences of hasty decisions. Cheer as he crosses the seas in search of gold, lush wenches, middling infamy and rare artefacts to admire once, then throw in a crate with all the other priceless crap looted in his travels.
What more could you want? Maybe dragons. Just a couple of little ones for flavour. And a damsel in distress.
Be warned: THUNDRHED! is to Tolkien as a kick in the nuts is to diplomacy.
THUNDRHED! Have at it!

Author's Notes

THUNDRHED! is better than most of the crap you're likely to read this year. Or start reading. Don't take my word for it; look through the five star reviews on Reader's Favorite.
THUNDRHED! will be available free from 1/9/23 to 30/9/23

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  • Five star reviews at Reader's Favorite.

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy

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