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by Ann Sepino  PH Philippines

March 27, 2019   |    720 reads    |   0 comments

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Tilula - Book coverOnce upon a time, there was a man called INDRI. He was the son of the frog king, and had the features to prove it. Because he was feared for his appearance, his unloved heart hardened and turned black as a frog's.

Once upon a time, there was a lady called TILULA. She was the daughter of a merchant and older sister to his favorite son. She was rarely ever appreciated due to being a woman, but this never stopped her from loving those who needed to be loved.

Through fate and by the merchant's own doing, Indri and Tilula are thrown together. It is in the forest that he first sets eyes on her beauty. It is in his villa that she first glimpses his wounded soul.

Can a heart of gold heal one that's tainted black?

Author's Note: 

This book was derived from "The Black Heart of Indri," which I read when I was a child. Ever since reading it, I wanted to put my own twist to the story, and of course add a bit more romance. Thus, "Tilula" was born.

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