Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell (book) by Mary S. Palmer

23 March, 2012

After God, family, writing, and teaching, my love is traveling. I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit all fifty of the United States and every continent except Antarctica. On these trips, I collect plates and music. The music often inspires some of the poems I include in my novels. I also use incidents from these adventures in my writing. For example, after a trip to Ireland recently, I wrote two chapters about a couple of amusing incidents anf fit them into a sequel to THE CALLINGS entitled A CLEAN SLATE.
In TIME WILL TELL, in the inner space of outer space reporter Mona Stewart discovers that the Svarians are challenged by the Aliens when they try to return to earth and share cures for fatal diseases and the key to immortality.

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Genre: Fiction > Romance


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