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Tree Of Life

by Tracey Jimerson  US United States

August 31, 2014   |    1,680 reads    |   0 comments

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Tree Of Life - Book CoverHow does a woman, who had everything, find her way in this world when all the meaning has been removed?

Mara Dalton has a life that most women only dream of. She has an amazing husband, a new baby boy and owns her own company. When her husband and son are killed tragically just days before Christmas, Mara stops living as well. For years she tries to live but finds herself only existing. She attempts to avoid reliving another year of horrible memories at Christmas by leaving her home; which has become her tomb. While traveling with not much of a plan other than avoidance, she discovers a small town in Alabama. The quaint town seems the perfect place to avoid the holiday and her pain. She finds more than she bargained for in the Lambert family; a family whose roots are buried deep in their small southern town.

Mara discovers the one thing she has lost, herself. She struggles to allow herself to live again, at the same time breathing life into the town and the Lamberts. Sometimes we don’t get to choose where we lay our roots, it chooses us.

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