Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet by Melissa Lyons. Book cover.
From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet

28 July, 2022

Gently ease a child through the loss of a pet through comforting story & spellbinding illustration.

When words are hard to find, Until We Meet Again is a simple, thought-provoking and deeply moving story that takes minutes to read but lasts a lifetime in your heart.

Written from the perspective of a beloved pet who has moved on, your child will feel memories, cry if they wish and move towards living their life deliberately with hope, joy and love.

Until We Meet Again is the perfect remembrance gift for those of us who have experienced grief for the loss of a pet and knows how difficult it can be to move on.

A loving and beautiful way to remember a best friend after experiencing the:

Loss of a dog
Loss of a puppy
Loss of a cat
Loss of a kitten
Loss of a fish
Loss of a bird
Loss of a rabbit
Loss of a bunny
Loss of a guinea pig
& more
Adults will find deeper meaning and heal during the grieving process through thought-provoking symbolism, allegory and parables.

Get a sense of hope & relief for the loss of a pet with a powerful pet memorial.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

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