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Vampiris Sancti: The Vampire

by Katri Cardew  AU Australia

November 19, 2011   |    1,978 reads    |   1 comment

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Vampiris Sancti: The VampireMy name was Bethany Trent and at age twenty three years, six months, four days and ten minutes I ceased to exist. Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t die, I won’t die for an eternity by human standards, instead I was removed from everything that used to be my life.

Created as a tool for revenge, Bethany Trent discovered herself Unveiled as a Vampire for no more reason that she resembled a long dead woman. She found herself caught between the machinations of a demon Empire she never knew existed, the unexpected friendship of a magical Elf, and century old Vampire feuds. Renamed after a dead woman, she struggled to survive not only her new mutation but also the unexpected attraction to the one who owned her future.



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