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Warriors of Matrimony

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February 24, 2014  |  1,767 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Warriors of Matrimony by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. Book coverPatriarch V.S Matriarch, a battle for one family to save their daughter.
The countries of Camgon, a patriarch society and Saron, a matriarchal land have always lived side by side and have agreed to work in harmony for the time being. Saron holds the power of Design, the unique ability that allows its people to create whatever they engineer in their heads.
Camgon on the other hand has a mysterious power of its own, however was lost.
Kalich, a Camgonian soldier lives seemly happily with his wife and daughter until Captain Xia of Saron comes to reveal the truth about Annala, Kalich’s wife’s true mission. Things only become worse when he demands she returns home and kidnaps their daughter in a plot to please Colonel Lei, Annala’s mother. Now Kalich and Annala must go to Saron in order to save their daughter, but they aren’t the only ones after her.

About Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

US United States

Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. was born in Columbus, Ohio. He is the author of the books Princes of Jacob, Instinct, and Instinct: Gift. A graduate of Northland High School and a current college student that is currently studying Japanese. Kenneth in his free time does research on other cultures and people. Warriors of Matrimony is his latest book.

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