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Whistlin' Dixie

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by Maggie Adams  US United States

February 1, 2017   |    1,104 reads    |   0 comments

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Whistlin' Dixie - Book CoverMeet the Coalsons –
A few years ago, the tiny village of Grafton, Illinois, nestled along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, was almost completely destroyed by flood. Rather than pull up stakes and move elsewhere, many of the residents vowed to rebuild their hometown, making it bigger and better than ever. One of these residents was Mac Coalson. The eldest son of Hank and Ginny Coalson, Mac, together with his parents and his six brothers, set about the arduous task of clearing, cleaning, and repairing what could be saved.
What no one expected, though, was that not everyone was happy to be rebuilding the town. When vandals strike the new construction, it was up to Mac and his brothers to catch the culprit before anyone is hurt. While laying a trap, Mac thought he had captured the criminal, but instead, he finds sassy spitfire, Dixie Harris, has stolen his heart. But when the vandal turns to arson, it may be too late to save his brothers.

Author's Note: 

My Tempered Steel Series is loosely based on the true life events that happened in Grafton, Illinois in the spring of 1993. The entire town was decimated by flood, but the residents were determined to rebuild. I am from the Grafton area and I was privy to the events that took place. I had to tell the story, but since I'm an incurable romantic, I had to give it a romantic spin. Many of the places within the series are actual places within the town, and although the mystery is fiction, the situations mentioned from the flood are real.

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