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White Noise

by Tanya Lisle  CA Canada

April 1, 2015   |    982 reads    |   0 comments

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White Noise - Book Image Did Not Load!Max wasn't planning on getting kidnapped

After an unusual day at school of mute goth kids, disappearing acid burns and the feeling of someone hunting for him, Max just wants to unwind at home. When a stranger appears in his room and abducts him, he witnesses the murder of his parents and becomes the prime suspect.

Max soon finds himself on the run with several other abducted teens, all being hunted down because they've developed unnatural powers. Even with his new allies and new found ability to heal, Max can't get too comfortable. He knows that the people looking for him are still out there - and they're closing in.

About The Author

Tanya Lisle is a web developer, comic book enthusiast and prolific author currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She writes in a range of genres, from young adult urban fantasy to post-apocalyptic science fiction for an older audience, and always has another idea for a book ready to write, just in case.

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