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Who's In Our Woods

Book by Terri Hough
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June 22, 2022  |  461 views

Who's In Our Woods by Terri Hough. Book coverWho's In Our Woods is an arrangement of photographs from the beautiful Pennsylvania Wilds by inspiring writer and photographer Terri Hough.

Terri takes her love of photography and brings it to life on the pages of this fun, cute, colorful, and exciting wildlife book for children.


About Terri Hough

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US United States

Terri Hough is a mom, nana, friend, inspiring writer, and photographer. She is also a member of The Chapman Wordweavers Society. She was born and raised in the beautiful endless mountains of north-central Pennsylvania. Terri enjoys the outdoors, playing euchre, throwing darts and spending time with family and friends.

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