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Zvonek 08 Feline Intelligence Czech Republic

by Anne H. Petzer  CZ Czech Republic

August 24, 2011   |    4,772 reads    |   6 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Zvonek 08 Feline Intelligence Czech Republic Zvonek 08 is a feline fantasy series. It is a set of short stories, new volumes out approximately every 3 months, with the same characters. The characters are all cats who live and work in an area of Prague known as Strašnice. They work for Feline Intelligence, a secret organization, which operates throughout the EU to ensure the safety of all felines. A story for young adults, or older young at heart adults and anyone who loves cats and fantasy. The work includes titbits of Czech culture and folk lore.
Book 2 in series has just come online. It introduces a secret that will change Zvonek's life in the future and also features a special Christmas story involving the felines and the main ingredient of the Czech Christmas dinner.


Dear Marketa, Colin and Jenifer, thank you so much for taking the time to not only to read my book but to make such lovely comments! Second book in the series out soon Anne

Just finnished reading this a James Bond story with a cat angle its very tongue in cheek and amusing An ideal read for kids and adults. Hope there are more advetures from Zvonek and co.

Its a exciting book which has adults and children hooked from the begining. The humour is great. Definitely a book to recommend to others, hav already passed it on. Am looking forward to the next installments.

Funny and amusing book about cat-adventures in Prague! I recommend this book especially to cat-lovers (my persian cat is just sitting on my lap and whispering me he and his short-haired flatmate wish to get a part in one of the next stories!

Dear Ivana, thank you for taking the time to comment on my book and thank you so much for reading it :) Anne

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