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The quick and the dead

by Matthew John Lee  MY Malaysia

October 19, 2013   |    1,229 reads    |   1 comment

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Book Image Did Not Load!Great Britain an island lifeless, devoid of hope; a nation that lives only in the hearts and minds of those who were abroad when the attack came. Matthew John Lee presents an all too realistic vision of the near future, a timely warning of the consequences of ratcheting up violence and intolerance.
Three British expatriates struggle to come to terms with their incomprehensible loss as they attempt to build new lives. Their journey takes them from the bustling heart of Paris to the arid plains of Afghanistan, the slopes of Kilimanjaro to the sprawl of Mumbai, the snow in Prague to the dry heat of the Costa Del Sol. Along the way they will exhibit their worst prejudices and examine the depths of their soul.
The author skillfully weaves historical, religious and political threads throughout the plot to show that this journey has been taken before. It only ends when a person finally reaches home.

About The Author

The author grew up in the North East of England and after taking a degree in Mathematics embarked on a career as a teacher. Apart from spells in Asia, the bulk of his working life has been spent in Africa, a continent which both inspires and frustrates him. The alienation from homeland and the exposure to different cultures are evident in his first work, which combines a sense of loss with a sense of optimism over the prevailing redemptive power of the human spirit. The author now lives in Malaysia with his wife Monica, herself a published author, and their four children.


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