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Aklila Kedan


Aklila Kedan born in South London (Croydon) 1989. In school his only passing grades we're in English Literacy and Religious Studies. He has always been interested in music and for a year he studied music in college. Later he studied Computing and finally Music Industry Management as he wanted to combine the creative aspect with the business side of things. Aklila Kedan has been passionate about things relating to God and various religions. He was raised in a Afrocentric Christian home but from a young age was intrigued with buddishm. Their peaceful mannerisms caught his attention. He then became more drawn to the Nation of Islam and the Rastafari movement because of their combination of national and spiritual emphasis. He then became more and more convinced in the teachings of Rastafari as he studied more and started to change his way of living. Becoming more compassionate and eventually more universally minded.

Books by Aklila Kedan

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Parallel has been written primarily for the Rastafari people throughout the world. Secondly it has been written for people within the Abrahamic faith who may want to conversate with a faith which has more common ground than differences. I think students will find this book intriguing and also people who simply have a intuitive mind.
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