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Parallel by Aklila Kedan. Book coverParallel has been written primarily for the Rastafari people throughout the world. Secondly it has been written for people within the Abrahamic faith who may want to conversate with a faith which has more common ground than differences. I think students will find this book intriguing and also people who simply have a intuitive mind.

I chose the black and white as the main colours for the book cover because I wanted to show the simplicity of the book, as the book has some concepts which may need more thought and prayer to understand. I want the reader to always remember simplicity is echoed throughout the book hence the reason for it not being so many pages. The black represents dark matter and the white represents light. The scriptures and science teaches us that darkness existed before the light. The light is split into two because it represents the one light which was expressed through the two persons Jesus Christ and Haile Selassie. The One light is only separated through ignorance.

Like the rails on the train track the Christ is destined to go in one direction. This is exactly the same as the two persons with one aim. The evidence is endless for a two in one within our three dimensional world. Like one pair of shoes. I truly felt the prime mover inspired me to chose to use the title. Although the etymology of the word para is "beside" and allelois ‘each other’ therefore meaning "beside one another". I could not help to notice the word El remained even in the Greek allelois. El is the name of God which within many names of holy creatures such as Gabriel or Daniel. It is also within the word Revelation. Which I find fascinating as to connect dots and highlight the parallels is a revelation in its self.

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