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Aleksandr Litavsky


Aleksander Litavsky has been a prominent Facebook Advertising Specialist since 2014. He was a former lawyer but decided to follow his immense passion for Facebook advertising. Aside from his love for this field, he also plays piano, practices yoga, and engages in meditation. The dedication for his Facebook Advertising prowess resulted in more than $250,000 income for his clients’ Ad Accounts. Alexander specializes in educational online businesses and offline events (particularly conferences) and lead generation. He creates advertisements for small and medium businesses like online photo, fast reading, and yoga schools. Additionally, he also provides traffic for offline conferences with 1000+ participants.
Alex also provides personal and group advertisement learning both online and offline available for his students. He writes articles and books with regards to Facebook advertisement. Alex also has his own Youtube Channel with free educational videos about Facebook advertisement. In turn, the author will help you to take a deeper look into the world of Facebook Advertisement.

Books by Aleksandr Litavsky

Facebook Advertisement - Book cover
Do you want to make profit with Facebook Advertising and to learn how to raise your audience within 2,27 billion monthly Facebook users, read on! The book will help you in attracting potential customers for your business by giving you a fundamental knowledge on Facebook Ads and how it works in 2019 (Read on to learn how to get this Kindle book free!) The author of the book is a Social Media Marketing specialist with 5000 hours and 250k dollars experience in performing Facebook Advertisement and lead generation.
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