Alisa Jeruconoka

Author, Novelist, Translator
United Kingdom


Ali Muhammad ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings.’

I’m a YA Fantasy Author Alisa Jeruconoka and I’m from London. Since I was small my mum sparkled my imagination by teaching me a valuable lesson that imagination is the key to free my spirit. That was how we discovered a time portal to get to the alternative dimensions, worlds, universes and realities. As I grew older due to my vigorous studying at school, college and then university I had less time to ‘’travel’’ trough space and time. But I can consider myself very lucky because throughout school, college and university I was involved in creative writing projects where I wrote fantasy fiction stories that were then performed by the drama team in plays.

For me, it’s not only a gift to be an author but also it’s a great responsibility to create a good storyline for my valuable readers to enjoy.

Author Helps once said that ‘choose an author as you choose a friend.’ I can’t agree more.

My work, as a full-time interpreter/translator (I speak several languages), allows me to travel so I can visit a lot of inspirational places like France, Spain, Netherlands, Florida (Disney World), India and many more. I love to share my experience through writing.

I love to read the books Kim Newman ‘Anno Dracula’, Tad Williams ‘The War of Flowers’, Neil Gaiman ‘Anansi Boys’ and Alan Campbell’s Trilogy.

I love to listen to classical music Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, ‘Muse’, ‘Cold Play’ and Bob Marley.

I love meeting interesting people, visiting museums, picturesque countryside, villages and old towns.

Books by Alisa Jeruconoka

Unparallel Worlds (book) by Alisa Jeruconoka