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Anita Rodgers


Anita Rodgers is the author of the psychological suspense novel, False Witness, the Scotti Fitzgerald Mystery Series, and the new thriller series, The Dead Dog Trilogy.

She’s a writer, a blogger, a pet mom, a gardener, a cook, and a lover of puzzles. She lives in Southern California with her beloved terrier/poodle Lily and two silly cats, Boodie and Bitzy. And can usually be spotted at Starbucks contemplating the perfect crime over a cup of Sumatra.

She has a serious social media addiction, is obsessed with GIFs, and loves to interact with family, friends, and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Books by Anita Rodgers

Let Dead Dogs Lie - Book cover
Lottie Stark, Chief of Police of small town Regal Reef, California, has a problem. A serial killer she caught when an FBI agent, is murdering young women again—but in her town. Donald Brown Stoker’s victims were blonde and blue, young and attractive. Just like her current victims. And the MO is eerily similar to Stoker’s—the strangled girls are left naked on the highway, wearing only a dog collar. But Stoker has been dead for three years, so it can’t be him. Can it?
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