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Hi, I am from India, the land of mystics and the seat of spirituality. Ancient Indian scriptures always propounded that the earth (world) indeed is one family—“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” it is only now that we have begun to realize that we are so closely wired together, thanks to the continuous innovations in technology. Though “Rishis”—the holy men who wrote the scriptures knew the closeness and oneness due to their highly evolved state of mind which would allow them to venture anywhere on earth and beyond. I feel we are only just taking our baby steps towards self-discovery taking-in the facts through scientific advancement, the facts that were understood by these holy men thousands of years ago.
As for me I always had a lot of questions about our existence. Unknowingly I embarked on the journey of self-awareness, I don’t know whether I chose this path or the path chose me but I find it quite fulfilling. 
To match my passion to read I pursued the Masters degree in English literature, followed by a Diploma in Journalism. An amiable disposition and an inquisitive mind capable of churning creative thoughts—I could not make much of this rare combination in my life. Like my protagonist, perhaps, I was a social misfit—a round peg in a square hole.
Though confident enough, I could never drape my confidence with outrageous colors of over-confidence. I always tried to be my real self, but being overtly self-conscious made people underestimate my capabilities or doubt my abilities, however I always surpassed their expectations, frankly, also my own.
After years of contemplation and analysis of my persona I have reached a point where I am comfortable in my skin—that is what I call being successful.
I would not have suggested this if asked a few years earlier, but now I can boldly say, it is easier to be your true self.

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