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by N. A. Foy / US United States

In this high fantasy novel, two woodland elves, Matthias and Xandria, have enjoyed a peaceful life in their home village of Kredaria. But when Kredaria comes under a curse, the elves are sent on a dangerous quest to break the spell. They travel through a dead forest with dangerous shadow thieves waiting to suck the life out of them. That isn’t the worst of their problems. They are side-tracked by a sworn enemy and cast into a world full of bizarre and deadly creatures.


Curse of Kredaria - Book cover
by Deborah L King / US United States

On the South Side of Chicago, Glory Bishop lives in pieces. At work and with her friends, she devours fiction, is bold and outspoken, and sneaks away to enjoy slow dances and stolen kisses with her secret boyfriend, JT. But at home, Glory follows strict rules and second-guesses every step. Though she dreams of going to college and living like a normal teenage girl, her abusive mother has other ideas.


Glory Bishop - Book cover
by Cory Swanson / US United States

Geminus is a "powerful, riveting, funny, and sweet" story about sisterly love, free will and self determination, and remembering the future. Time is a fickle thing. Is the future as fixed as the past? Cassie and Helen are twins - like millions of other twin’s they share a special bond. However, their bond is different, for Cassie remembers the future while Helen experiences the present.


Geminus: A Novella - Book cover
by Andrew Dunsbergen / US United States

What if the greatest evil is created by someone completely innocent? All she ever wanted was to help out the people that lived on the harsh world known as Colony 14. Plant life was nearly non-existent and nobody dared to live far away from the cities. Being asked to create a device that would in theory save the world was an easy decision for her ...


The Scarecrow
by Michelle Frost / GB United Kingdom

On the harsh militant world of Sindorus, where even colours are considered sinful, three people living very separate lives are about to have those lives change forever. As deceptions are torn away, and ancient secrets brought to light, they each must struggle to find the missing pieces to the puzzle ...


First Light

A Random Book

Ever the Wayward Sky
Ever the Wayward Sky - Book cover
by Oliver Phipps