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Antony Millen


Antony Millen is a Canadian living and writing in New Zealand.
He is an avid reader who spends far too much energy on less important things. He has won no awards for his unpublished short stories and poetry. 
Antony's healthy addictions include watching ice hockey on the internet and writing. He has seven bad habits: three are mundane misdemeanors, two exasperate his wife and one should be against the law but thankfully isn't. His seventh is forgetting items in a list.
In his spare time, Antony leads a High School English department and bumbles his way through family life.
Redeeming Brother Murrihy is his first novel - a labour of love for almost 15 years.
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Conrad Murrihy's mother is dying and she has one final wish: to see her eldest son Francis who has not contacted home in two years. In a race to find him and return home to his mother, Conrad travels far from his native Nova Scotia, Canada and through the heart of rural North Island, New Zealand following leads to Taumarunui, Auckland, Whanganui, Ratana and, finally, on an epic journey up the Whanganui River.
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