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April Larkin


April Larkin lives in Wizard Lake Alberta 6 months a year with her husband and dog Sara. From the vision of the book 30 years ago she has now created a magical life. Spending winter months in the Riviera Maya close to Tulum.

Everyone can create a dream. You need a vision and know more than anything it will happen.

This book is about believing in yourself and know that what you most desire you can have.
Most people just exist in daily life wanting more but never really figuring it out. There is a simple process. Every fact in this book is true as it happened. Almost mystical in nature it winds and turns into a journey never imagined. A secret place in time brought forward to the present moment.

Books by April Larkin

Looking for Jim by April Larkin. Book cover
At the age of 32, divorced and alone, I suddenly found myself in a deep depression. Never having experienced this before I didn't know how to cope, seeing my car keys I was going to drive off a cliff. The next morning I awoke and was scared with what I had felt. At that point I begged God for something to change.
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