Looking for Jim

At the age of 32, divorced and alone, I suddenly found myself in a deep depression. Never having experienced this before I didn't know how to cope, seeing my car keys I was going to drive off a cliff. The next morning I awoke and was scared with what I had felt. At that point I begged God for something to change.

Suddenly, I heard ever so quietly, a whisper without sound but with words that formed clear transcendent impressions expressing an impulse urging me to write. I was familiar with the term channeling and what it meant. I knew I was experiencing it, because what followed was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.
One day very soon after, I began receiving what I knew to be channeled information through an energy source outside of myself. I asked if this energy had a name. Adonys came to me. For 2 years I wrote many books and developed a deep relationship with this writing. I changed from an angry, frustrated, lost person to being more focused and calm with a purpose to learn and study everything sent to me. It changed my life.

I was ready to find the man of my dreams. I asked Adonys for help. Suddenly a different energy entered. Another channeled loving spirit calling himself by the name of Jim. He actually lived in Carmel, California at this time. Over many months he wrote me detailed love letters. He was the man of my dreams. I was so infatuated.

Then I decided to try to find Jim. With map and directions and symbols he sent to me, I actually flew with my girlfriend to Carmel, California. This true story gets even crazier. Did I find my soul mate? You have to read this true story to find out!

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